Vows: Chemistry vs. Physics

Vows | Chemistry vs. Physics

In 1998, Deborah Berebichez fell for Neer Asherie, in part, over a shared love of physics. That love also quickly broke them apart until a chance online encounter 15 years later.


Vows videos tell the story of just a few of the hundreds of couples who submit their announcements to the New York Times. I’ve made over a dozen of these vows videos and written several accompanying articles for The New York Times Style section. I had to figure out how to make an active and compelling story when all I had access to was a half a day or so in the very busy pre-wedding schedules of these couples.


At first, this perennially New York City single-girl shuddered at the thought of spending the day with a couple about to encounter wedded bliss.


But dozens of stories had a permanent effect on me regardless of my current relationship status. The stuff that helps a couple endure is rather obvious when you’re staring at love over and over. If you don’t have the opportunity to do that in real life, take a look at these and it will become apparent.

Here’s a hint…. there’s a lot of teasing and laughter going on!


Vows | Song and Support

Dr. Linda Marie Daniels and Dr. Lisa Lynn Paine initially bonded while trying to impersonate James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti, and that bond has strengthened over an appreciation for serving others.

Vows | Older, Wiser, Ready

Steven Lutvak, 55, who composed “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” had given up on having a family until he met Michael T. McGowan. He used his talents to thank his fiancé with a wedding song.

Vows | Ever After, Ever After

When some mothers realized cancer might rob them of a long life, they decided to take their daughters wedding dress shopping.

Vows | When Illness Intrudes on Romance

A debilitating bout of Lyme disease threatened to derail Elisabeth C. Hall’s budding relationship with Matthew Danzig. But Mr. Danzig was undeterred because he had already fallen in love.

Vows | Muay Thai Bride

Early in their relationship, Paul Heck, 47, patiently fit himself into Minna Kao’s intensive competition training. Ms. Kao, 40, realized soon after that she had a cheerleader and a partner for life.

Vows | A Dog, Then a Family

Frank Nussbaum, a real estate developer, never felt ready to settle down until he went out with Carlye Adler, a writer and single mom.