Teamwork – Producer’s work

The Mother’s Day Industrial Complex

Behind that perfect bouquet for Mom lies a global network of growers, wholesalers and shopkeepers who are all fighting against time to keep those blooms blooming.

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I never shy away from the chance to work with others on stories. I’ve been in the media industry for over 16 years, and it’s obvious to me that the people who get the farthest are not the ones who hole up in a cave with their heads down.


The best work comes from appreciating everything your colleagues have to offer to the story and that in turn teaches you more in the long run. I make the most of what everyone brings to the table. I’ve trained photographers to shoot better video and then learned from them how to take better pictures. I’ve gotten print-only reporters comfortable in front of a camera and learned how to doggedly persevere in your beat. I’ll never forget all the of the people I’ve worked with at the Ny Times and I can’t wait to work with more and more now at CNN.


Here’s a selection of some of my team work. In almost all cases, I was the lead producer and shooter or co-shooter. Many of these I also edited.


The Condom Conundrum

Only 5 percent of men worldwide use condoms despite public health campaigns, so the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is joining the effort and issuing a challenge.

Cicada Sex: All Together Now

As part of the World Science Festival, the Staten Island Museum celebrated its insect collection with a night of drinks, art, music and conversation inspired by the mating strategies of bugs.

Bill Cunningham | A Dash of Pop Art

Art, color and whimsy show up on the streets in a kind of freedom that harks back to the 1960s.

A Hockey Anomaly

As N.H.L. negotiations stall, the United States is gearing up for the world junior championships. One of its biggest stars, Seth Jones, is an African-American teen with serious skating skill.

See why this mansion is worth $50 million – CNN Video

Even with picturesque views, a fancy zip code and millions of dollars in crystal chandeliers, Alpine, New Jersey’s Stone Mansion is still waiting to land the right buyer.



Gehry on Cones, Domes and Messiness

The architect Frank Gehry talks about his asymmetrical design for the planned 450,000-square-foot Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and his inspiration for the museum’s huge, cooling cones.


In ‘Selma,’ Trench Coats Amid Protests

Ruth E. Carter, the costume designer for “Selma,” explains how a heightened collar, colorful suits and coat pockets help transport viewers back to the violent but hopeful days of 1965.






Meet, Greet, Converse, Repeat

Nicolle Ensign and Victoria Julayne Scott, Mormon missionaries, spend long days in South Korea, saying hello to everyone they encounter, hoping a casual chat will lead to real interest in their faith.

Sunday at Home in Charlotte

Nicole Black and her husband, Drew Skinner, have a “true role reversal” which allows Ms. Black to focus on her work.

Science at the End of the Earth

A team of scientists spent five days collecting and dissecting fish on remote St. Lawrence Island in Alaska to study the effects of pollution from old military installations on the habitat.