Agility in Action: Seniors swap iPads for hospital visits

Seniors swap hospital visits for iPads – CNN Video

The Mercy Virtual Care Program is cutting health care costs by getting hundreds of senior citizens to use iPads as an alternative to doctors’ visits.


I’ve been working for CNN Digital Labs since early 2016. CNN is a cable channel bursting at its digital seams. This piece was produced for a sponsored series called ‘Agility in Action‘. Reporter Vanessa Yurkevich and I produced almost a dozen pieces in the span of about 6 months that took a look at all the ways businesses were addressing problems in their industries. We also used the pieces to produce a half-hour television show, showcasing the power of CNN’s digital and broadcast connection.

Leroy lives with his wife RuthAnn an hour and half from his doctor in Missouri. When I filmed them, all I heard outside their farmhouse was wind and the occasional ‘moo’. RuthAnn made me butter cake and Leroy showed off his iPad skills. Leroy is one of thousands now using virtual medical care, and with heavy monitoring from RuthAnn, digital monitoring of his vitals and a daily talk with a nurse, he’s getting incredible and more affordable care.