A hip-hop inspired barista champion

Barista champion Lem Butler’s love affair with coffee

“It’s a simple recipe of coffee and water, but it’s a recipe that can be done well,” says Butler. “But most often, it’s a recipe that can be done very badly.” His goal is to educate people about their coffee, and to help them make it better and enjoy it more.

Filming Lem Butler taught me three things I didn’t know about coffee:


  1. It’s the seed of a fruit, and therefore has fruit undertones.
  2. It’s seasonal, meaning some coffees are best in certain seasons.
  3. There’s an insanely catchy OutKast song called ‘Southernplayalisticadillac’


The last one has nothing to do with coffee, UNLESS you watch this video that reached over 500,000+ people on Facebook. At CNN, we create videos to be platform friendly.. a tv version may be different from social and different still from the video we put up on the website.