I like a good story. Do you?

I'm a New York Times Video Journalist and a graduate of the CUNY Graduate School for Journalism. I've spent over a decade in television programming and I'm now hunting down the best use of the web. The road is bumpy and the learning process never ends. I'm game.

Video Work

I work for The New York Times.

I report, shoot, edit and write stories about anything from economics to matrimony.

I am most interested in stories that dissect human behavior in all its inexplicable glory.

I eat a lot of ramen. I take life lessons from old Golden Girls episodes.

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I report a lot of hard news, but often, I need lots of stories like this one.

A young romance is thwarted by distance, but revives after 15 years of silence

thanks to a little search engine named okcupid:


I worked on this series with, now CNN’s Tanzina Vega. We laughed a lot, we learned a lot, we let go.





Believe it or not, sometimes I do get a little serious.


I have an intense interest in housing. I grew up in affordable housing inside of a very middle class town. It was, without intention, an interesting example of a town where housing prices are mixed and where a diverse community can end up benefiting everyone in the long run. More on that later, but here’s the more serious stuff.